Learning to practice self love and self care

Finals are approaching and it is easy to lose yourself in a sea of existential crises, sleepless nights, and constant stress. However, it is more important now than ever to practice self love and self care! This is a difficult time, but by prioritizing and setting aside time for yourself, tackling life and its inconveniences can be much easier. 🙂

Name: Breanna
Year: 2nd

I think taking care of yourself is the first step to accomplishing anything great in your life. It sets the basis of a healthy, peaceful, productive mind and soul which will help you go further in anything that you do. As a part of self love/self care I practice meditation. Meditation for me is a practice that allows me to focus in on myself and calm my mind. It brings me to a peaceful state with myself and others, as well as gives me a different perspective on life. Meditation makes me realize that little things that upset me are trivial and shouldn’t affect my whole attitude or hinder my happiness. Meditation gives me the basis to not pass judgment upon myself or others, which is something that we don’t normally do in life. Meditating gives me the opportunity to focus in on myself and really look at how I’m feeling physically, emotionally, and spiritually. A lot of the time we think it is selfish to focus on ourselves, but it’s not. You need to do what’s best for you and meditation gives me the time to read myself and see what I need.

Name: Elizabeth
Year: 1st

Think about the kinds of things you’d say to your friend during these busy
times: “Make sure to eat! Stay hydrated! Get some rest! Take breaks!” Now think of yourself as being ‘your friend.’ Tell yourself those same things. Try your best to take care of yourself the way you’d want to take care of your friend.

Name: Natalie Wyss

I believe it is extraordinarily important to practice self-care and love. As much as we all place value on the affection of others towards us, often we forget that it is essential to love and care for ourselves. I know I often fail to give myself this type of attention in favor of paying attention to the madness of everyday life. My favorite way to take care of myself is beyond cliché, I know, but it works for me and so I stick with it. I detach from the world for a few hours, leave my phone at home, and walk to the beach. Sitting and embracing the ocean never fails to remind me of how small all the madness in my life is. I am reminded in these moments that even though my current situation may seem like the end of the world, life will go on and that I just need to go with the flow.

Name: Madeline Ocampo
Year: 2nd

I take part in self love/care by taking time to call my parents and brother. Once every couple of days I call them to see how they are doing and to tell them how I am doing. When it is the birthday of someone in my family or when I want to say “Thank You” I’ll send them a card to show
them I love and appreciate them. It makes me happy, and it helps me stayconnected with home.

Name: Carley Towne
Year: 4th

I might be the world’s most introverted introvert. Probably not, but I have had MANY conversations with my close family and friends that begin with the sentence “I just like that so much better when I’m by myself”

And I think a lot of the people I know would suprised to find out I’m very introverted. Often people think that because I have strong opinions that I’m not afraid to voice that I’m extroverted.
But at the end of a long day of classes and work, all I want to do is go back to my apartment, cook dinner, visit the cute dogs at the dog park, and watch some Netflix.

Making time to recharge is important for introverts like myself because I can only keep up with other people for so long.

There’s a famous Audre Lorde quote about the revolutionary act of self care. And I wholeheartedly agree. Because being raised as women in our patriarchal, white supremacist, capitalist society, we’re made to feel guilty if we’re not doing something productive or nurturing at every waking moment. It’s hard enough for me as a white cis gender woman to feel comfortable taking time to do things for myself that aren’t productive. Recognizing that doing so is essential to leading a well-rounded life is life-changing. Being cognisant of the fact that we only have one body, one mind, and one life to lead makes engaging in self-care necessary to sustaining ourselves.

So anytime I’m feeling drained I focus on the things that make me happy, including:

1. Looking up and bookmarking recipes (even though I know I won’t make half of them)
2. Sitting by myself and listening to my favorite music
3. Walking to the dog park near my apartment
4. Talking to my best friends
5. Reading some of my fav magazines (BITCH, The New Inquiry, etc)
6. Cloud gazing
7. Grabbing an iced latte
8. Hanging out with my pets whenever I get the chance

Which all might sound incredibly boring. But as long as they work for you, it’s worth it!

Name: Becca

Without taking time for yourself you can begin to lose connection with yourself. I
believe that self love and self care have helped me salvage my sanity throughout
college. While sometimes your self gets thrown to the wayside I believe it is of the
uttermost importance to have your moments to relax and unwind.

This may sound cheesy but I have found that sunsets on the beach as well as long
walks on the beach help calm my soul. They help me get in touch with nature and get
a fresh breeze on my face to help me through all my stresses. Just having alone time
to take in the beauty of the world around me really helps me take care of myself.

I also mediate when I am completely blocked and stressed from studying or essay
writing of some kind. I have found that meditation gives me time to let the
frustrations pass me by and clear my head to allow my energies to flow freely.

Living in a world that is wound so tightly and moving so quickly can be completely
overwhelming but I have found that taking a step back and enjoying the peace allows
us to give ourselves the love we deserve.

Name: Stephanie

How do I self-love and self-care? I look at myself and I learn from others.

Around Valentine’s Day, I went to a self-care and self-love event at the Cross Cultural Center that ended with a quote asking something along the lines of : If someone asked you to name all the things you love, how many would you list before you say yourself? That is what self-love is and it should definitely be put first in times when we give so much of ourselves away. Self-love to me is a beautiful appreciation of who you are. I think one of the things I’ve been doing for self-love is just simply agreeing with compliments that come my way. Things like saying: “Yes, I am a strong person” and “I am pretty clever” boost self-confidence a long way. Verbally or non-verbally, it makes you realize that affirmations can come from yourself anytime!

For self-care, naps are essential to me. Right in the afternoon between classes is really energizing but it’s important that they stay short (15-20 min) or else you’ll just feel groggy afterwards. In general, Taking a few deep breaths is magical and does wonders throughout the day. I think finding things I enjoy is just fun. I love finding cute text graphics with nice fonts. Small changes are interesting and spice up your day. I think switching my backgrounds and even color schemes is a nice twist.

Stay strong for the finals grind!

Name: Micaela Stone
Year: 2nd

I’m not going to lie, stress is something that has a huge effect on me. There have been plenty of times where I feel like I wasn’t going to be able to handle it or where I had the feeling of just wanting to quit. For me personally, at times stress is all consuming and all I can do is think about the negative and not move forward. However, the thing is, despite the stress and anxiety that I feel, I know that it isn’t the end of the world and that there is always people out there who can help and that care for me. I need to feel like I’m not alone in the world, then I can get back up and try again. Whenever I feel stressed (which unfortunately is most of the time), the number one thing that always helps me is taking a step back and detaching myself from the situation. I need to take step out of my shoes and that alone helps me so much. It allows me to see the situation from a different perspective.

When that doesn’t work, I like to do something that I learned at a leadership camp a few summers back, and that is Pause. Breath. Smile. By doing this I feel myself instantly relax and calm down. Paired with that I like to think positive thoughts and about things that make me happy because negative thoughts do not help at all.

Something to keep in mind is do something that makes you happy. It differs from person to person, but by doing something that makes you feel good, despite what other people think, can make all the difference. Only you have control of your life, so don’t less stress get you down. And always remember that you are an AMAZING person.


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