Sexual Assault Awareness Book Display

Sexual Assault Awareness Book Display

Back Off! by Martha J. Langelan

Back Off!is filled with real-life success stories from women who have stopped harassers cold including Sharon, who succeeded in stopping a whole crew of habitual harassers in a city parker, or Stephanie, a ten-year-old who confronted and escaped a child molester, and dozens more. This is the first book to focus on the direct-action tactics that work and the first to deal with harassment everywhere it takes place, in both blue-collar and white-collar jobs, at school, on the street, on the bus or subw byay, in the park, even in church. It examines the dynamics of sex and power in the sexual harassment, the motives behind harasser’s actions, and why traditional responses such as appeasement or aggression don’t work, and describes the successful resistance strategies that you really can use – including nonviolent personal confrontation techniques, group confrontations, administrative remedies, and formal lawsuits.

Just Sex? By Nicola Gavey

This book examines social science research and feminist theories that have prompted a radical shift in Western understandings of rape and coercive sex in recent decades. This shift in perception has revealed the new phenomenon of date rape, which now clouds the divide between rape and what was once just sex. Drawing on feminist theory, cultural analysis, and in-depth interviews with women about their experiences of (hetero)sex, Gavey shows how important it is to consider the broader cultural context which limits some of women’s choices whilst encouraging others.

Defending Ourselves by Rosalind Wiseman

Defending Ourselves offers a complete course in self-defense without requiring you to be a martial-arts expert, or even to be in especially good physical shape. It also provides a refreshingly straightforward discussion of date rape and tells you what to do if you are physically assaulted, from going to the hospital to deciding whether to press charges. It includes the advice of police, counselors, and legal experts, as well as the stories of a wide selection of women.

No Excuses by Gloria Feldt

Do you feel confused about why women still earn less than men? Do you wonder why successful women still bump into the glass ceiling? Are you ready for more parity and satisfaction in personal relationships? In Gloria Feldt’s challenging and transformational book, you will learn how to shift your attitude about power, manifest the change you desire, and live life without limits.

Diverse Energies by Paolo Bacigalupi, Ursula K. Le Guin, Malinda Lo, Cindy Pon, Daniel H. Wilson, and more

In this stunning collection of original and rediscovered stories of tragedy and hope, the stars are a diverse group of students, street kids, good girls,  kidnappers, and child laborers pitted against their environments, their governments, differing cultures, and sometimes one another as they seek answers in their dystopian worlds. Take a journey through time from a nuclear nightmare if the past to society’s for future beyond Earth with these eleven stories by masters of speculative fiction.

Recovery: How to Survive Sexual Assault for Women, Men, Teenagers, and their Families by Helen Benedict

This book offers the survivors of rape and their friends and families information and comfort by building on the works of Susan Brownmiller, Diana Russell, and Ann Burgess. By interviewing rape survivors and their loved ones, and by drawing on the vast knowledge that rape crisis workers and psychologists have gathered during recent years, when rape has been taken seriously, Benedict offers advice on how to cope with both the short- and long-term aftermath of rape. This edition provides expanded and updated coverage on AIDS, date rape, and where to get help, including rape crisis programs, shelters, and special resources for teenagers, men, gays, and lesbians.

Male Victims of Sexual Assault Edited by Gillian C. Mezey and Michael B. King

Male Victims of Sexual Assault opens the debate with reports from international experts in the field, including chapters on homophobia and the cultural and historical background and attitudes to male sexual assault, sexual assault of male children and adolescents and of men in institutional settings, the trauma suffered by survivors of male rape and by men as co-survivors of female rape, and the treatment and legal recourse available to victims. The book brings together existing data, theoretical perspectives, and implications for future practice and policy.

After Silence by Nancy Venable Raine

After Silence is Nancy Venable Raine’s eloquent, profoundly moving response to her rapist’s command to “shut up,” a command that is so often echoed by society and internalized rape victims. Beginning with her assault by a stranger in her home in 1985, Raine’s riveting narrative of the ten-year aftermath of her rape brings to light the truth that survivors of traumatic experiences know – a trauma does not end when you find yourself aware. This landmark book is a stunning literary achievement that is a testimony to the power of language to transform the worst sort of violation and suffering into meaning and into art.


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