Femicide Book Collection at UCSD Women’s Center 2015

Thank you to our volunteers for their wonderful contributions to the blog!

Title: Making a Killing- Femicide, Free Trade, and La Frontera

Editor: Alicia Gaspar de Alba, with Georgina Guzmán

Country: Ciudad Juárez, Mexico


Summary: A collection of essays that describe the murders and sexual violence against women taking place in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. These authors examine how these acts of violence in conjunction with a harsh patriarchal social order in Mexico have facilitated the proliferation of femicide in the 20th century. The essays take varying approaches in their examination of this violence against women on the boarder ranging from Marxist ideals to critical race theory. In connection with one another these essays come together to offer social, political, economic and feminist perspectives on the murders of approximately 500 Mexican women.

Title: Femicide- The Politics of Woman Killing

Editor: Jill Radford and Diana E. H. Russell

Continents: North America, and Europe

Summary: Explores the definition of femicide as the “misogynist killing of women by femicide2men” and the “most brutal form of sexist behavior” in following the murders of women across the western world. These contributors come together to illuminate the disturbing normalcy that femicide has adopted in modern culture with the rise of date rape, sexual harassment and other forms of violence against women. In examining the wide spread issue of these issues, women from different cultural and social backgrounds contribute to the investigation into the social values and institutions that proliferate femicide.

Title: Women and Violence

Author: Barrie Levy

Countries: Global


Summary: Levy offers insight into not only the modern issues surrounding femicide and violence against women in the modern context, but also provides historical context for the roots of these issues. He maps out the social, political and cultural context of violence against women on a global scale. In taking a historical and global perspective on these issues, Levy also offers accounts of individual experiences of women who have suffered under the harsh brutality of femicide and other forms of violence. He also examines the social cost that this violence has on communities as a whole and also examines potential solutions to these issues.

Title: Compañeras: Voices from the Latin American Women’s Movement

Editor: Gaby Küppers

Continents: South/Central America

Summary: In this collection of interviews of twenty-five Latin American women activistsfemicide3 as well as essays, the growing power of feminist movements in Latin America is explored. Women from all walks of life are included in this collection ranging from Mexican prostitutes to Nicaraguan political activists. The collection of these women’s experiences combine to demonstrate not only the stark issues of what it means to be a women in these nations, but also the growing power of the feminist movement and the greater mobilization of women in the face of sexist injustice. This book provides a look into not only the oppression of women under the highly male-dominated societies of Latin America, but also calls for hope and support for the women working to change what it means to be a Latin American woman.


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